Admitting it out loud… I’m depressed.

“Heather, why are you here today?” “I can’t hear my heart.” Silence. This was the conversation with my endocrinologist, gynecologist, primary care physician, functional-integrative physician, psychologist, numerous energy healers, massage therapists and anyone that had an opinion on how to make me feel normal again. “I can’t hear my heart.” Technically yes, my heart was[…]


Dear Super Woman, I think I know you.  Aren’t you that woman that is trying to be everything to everyone?  You’re that nurturing mom, diligent employee, loving companion, community participant, gym devotee, taxi driver for kids, volunteer head, keeper of the home, and friend to all— while wearing a smile on your face.  Do you[…]


My husband the other day told me, “that’s not a bump in the road, that IS the road.”  I’ve kept this image and quote with me over the last couple of weeks during some challenging feelings (more on that another day.)  These “bumps” happen all of the time: some small and annoying while others large[…]