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at-home workouts for when we can’t sweat together in person

Health Coaching

Why am I always so f*#!%*g tired at 3pm every day?

Ugh, why can’t my outside feel like my inside?

What’s better, cardio or strength?

I’m confused, are carbs good this week or are they still evil?

And I heard that I should drink all of my meals while standing on my head—will that make me happy?

What it means to feel healthy, feel beautiful, and feel strong is not the same for every person. There is no one-way to live: eat this, move this way, work this way, love this way—nope, it doesn’t work that way. My friend, you are special and I will coach you that way through a concept called bio-individuality. In other words, what works for me may or may not work for you.

But it’s all about what I eat, right?

YOU have a special formula and I want to help you discover what makes you feel whole. Together we will explore your whole-ness through primary foods: healthy relationships, a fulfilling career, regular physical activity, and a spiritual awareness. When we figure out your balance of primary foods, what you eat becomes secondary. Make sense? My process is nurturing (yes, you’ll definitely get hugs) and you’ll do lots of self-exploration, but I am not for everyone; in fact, if you want a “painful diet” or for me to “whip your butt into shape,” please don’t call.

Ok I’m listening, tell me more.

I could give you a nice list of things that may work for you; quite honestly, you’ve probably already read many versions in social media “5-step” articles. And to be even more blunt (yup, I like honesty), you’re not going to actually DO that list. Instead, here’s what you get:


Let’s meet for an hour to discuss your current lifestyle and establish your goals; more importantly, let’s see if we’re a good match. Think of it this way, if you don’t want to date that’s cool—you’ll leave with a clearer understanding of what your goals are.

3 or 6-month package

– 2 sessions per month in person (or by phone or Skype if you’re not in Minneapolis)
– weekly accountability check-ins
– weekly commitments/homework
– simple handouts regarding primary
and secondary foods
– specific workshops relating to your bio-individuality (e.g., cooking demos, designed at-home workout program, kitchen revamp)
– my personal commitment to your
health and goals

Grocery Store Rendezvous

Take the guesswork out of what you “should” purchase at the grocery store. Our date is a fun way of learning about labels, fads, and what foods make your body smile on the outside and inside. – my personal commitment to your health and goals

Kitchen Revamp

Together we make your kitchen feel
and look good. You’ll create new habits and have a fresh perspective on your
relationship with food.


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Moxie 1

MOXIE1 is an intermediate/advanced workout and your chance to show what you’ve got! In 20 minutes you will alternate between nonstop cardio and strength exercises— no equipment. Challenge yourself in a different way every time as you get stronger through cardio kickboxing, drills, and body-weight strength exercises. It’s thoughtful, it’s effective, and you definitely need your MOXIE.
COOL, I’m interested!
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Moxie 2

Love MOXIE1 and looking for another 20-minute intermediate/advanced workout? MOXIE2 is your next challenge with even more thoughtful cardio and strength exercises and a lot more sweat. No equipment is needed—just YOU and your MOXIE. Drills, cardio kickboxing, and body weight strength exercises. You will amaze yourself at your grace under fire.
YES, show me more!
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Kickbox Burn

This is not just another kickboxing workout. It’s time to kick some you-know-what with this cardio-paced knockout that’s guaranteed to leave you dripping with sweat! These four, nonstop, 10-minute rounds pack one serious punch!
BOOM, I’m a lover and a fighter!

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